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Tribal Resolutions of Support for Dental Therapists

This is a ZIP folder of 17 tribal resolutions of support for dental therapists.

Map: Tribal Resolutions of Support For Dental Therapy

Where Native tribes and organizations have passed resolutions of support for Dental Health Aide Therapists (March 2016).

Alaska’s dental therapists are bringing back smiles

As part of a community-led solution from the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, dental therapists are filling the unmet oral health needs in Alaska. Meet Conan Murat, one of the first dental therapists in Alaska.

Mid-Level Dental Providers: Expanding Care to Every Community

Mid-level providers are critical to expanding access to dental care. Working with dentists and hygienists they help provide preventive and routine dental services, oral health education and a dental home in underserved communities.

Indian Country Today: Native Solutions for Oral Health

Limited access to dental care is causing pain and disease. What can American Indians do to bring dental care to their communities? This special edition of Indian Country Today highlights native solutions to the oral health crisis such as dental health aide therapists.