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Uncovering New Mexico’s Dental Disease Crisis

New Mexico’s dental crisis affects kids statewide. No child deserves to be in dental pain.

Map: Tribal Resolutions of Support For Dental Therapy

Where Native tribes and organizations have passed resolutions of support for Dental Health Aide Therapists (March 2016).

Dental Provider Shortage in America

Oral health is critical to overall health, yet millions of Americans can’t get access to dental care where and when they need it: in their own communities.

Dental Therapist Mythbuster Graphic (Vermont)

Five evidence points showing why dental therapists should be authorized to practice.

Dental Therapists Make Economic Sense

Part of an infographic series commemorating the tenth anniversary of dental therapists practicing in Alaska.

Dental Therapists: Expanding the Dental Workforce

Today’s medical care team makes good use of mid-level providers such as nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and community health workers.