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Matthew Thorpe – Dental Access Now!

Matthew Thorpe, Columbus resident, shares his story of the difficulties of getting dental care while homeless.

Dr. Larry Hill – Dental Access Now! | UHCAN Ohio

Dr. Larry Hill discusses how dental therapists could help bring quality dental care to more children and families across Ohio.

Working with Dental Therapists – Dental Therapist Christy Jo Fogarty | Pew

Christy Jo Fogarty, an advanced dental therapist at a non-profit clinic in Minnesota, describes working with patients and how she interacts with her supervising dentist.

Bill Owens – Dental Access Now! | UHCAN Ohio

Bill Owens shares the effects of poor dental care on the quality of life for his clients.

Cathy Smathers – Dental Access Now! | UHCAN Ohio

Cathy Smathers, clinic director of Townhall II in Kent Ohio shares what it’s like to work with people who are suffering from lack of dental care access.

Rowena Ventura – Dental Access Now! | UHCAN Ohio

Rowena Ventura, an advocate with We Are the Uninsured, shares a personal story of a close friend and her son who have suffered from lack of dental access.